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produces key: value, key: value array

Intro to Objective-C

Here are a few key ideas about Objective-C that I’ve become expose

.h - public

.m - private

Examples of instantiating:
PlayViewController *nameOfController

@property (nonatomic, strong) Class *Object


Command - Click takes you to where a class is defined

NSLog(‘string here’, parameter);

call an obeject’s method:
[objectName sayHello]

Defining a method:
- (void)  sayHello: (NSString *)name

Calling a public method:
[objectName sayHello:@”MichaelJackson”]

Why do you say (void)?
If you do nothing with the returned stuff

self is almost like this

%@ - append/concatenate stuff

Define a delegate in interface files

@interface PianoViewController()<PianoViewControllerDelegate> {}